Domain Backorder Service

Do you want to catch a .fi domain which will be available for registration soon? Then our .fi domain backorder service is just what you need!

With our domain backorder service you can lurk which .fi domains will be available for registration during next 21 days and make an assigment to us to get domains you are interested.

Go to service from button below:

How domain drop catching works in our service?

Register or log in to our drop catching system, find domain you want to get and make an order.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Only one order per domain is accepted so be fast! First one who assigned the domain gets it (if and when we success with the domain drop catching).

Drop catching price depends on how early the order is placed. The price is dropped every day, see price list. Price include the domain backorder service and one year domain registration fee.

REMEMBER: Don’t wait too long, someone else might order that domain before you! And we know, that is f*cked up if that happens…

After we manage to get the domain for you, you pay the fee. If we don’t manage to drop catch the domain you wanted, you don’t pay nothing.

Why choose our domain backorder service?

Why not? It’s free for you if we don’t success to get the domain.

Domain disputes

Before making an order be sure that domain name you want to catch is lawful. You can find some more information from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.

We are only offering registrar service and the legitimacy of the domain is on you.